recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Thursday, April 21, 2011

happy Earth Day (sold)

I’ve made a conscious effort to curb my time on the computer (besides business) in lieu of spending more time on art making and to delve into some larger paintings. I enjoy working in the studio, taking time to contemplate the work, push myself, but more importantly be open and let things happen intuitively. Such a fine line (pun intended) to connect with that elusive balance. I also have a show so really need to work as much as time will allow.

This has been a good month for remaining inside the studio as our April has been cold, grey and rainy. I love that. I feel anticipation. April is pretty amazing and quite magic. For those of you who are complaining, look how hard April is working to bring us colour and life- lets give her a break!

I do admit that I’ve been distracted by the bird wars over nesting rites outside the studio. A grapevine ball is suspended on my porch near the door window and every year it is designated as prime nesting property. I am always a captive audience to the making of the nest. (once all the materials are delivered the lucky bird sits in the centre and uses it’s little body and back feet to shape and form, then the beak does the tucking in).

These bird diversions have slowed down my painting time a wee bit so nothing to show you yet. Instead, a few wee nests.

6x10in, 2008


please tread lightly......



  1. Beautiful works Jan and happy Earth Day to you too! I look forward to seeing some new works from you for the show, the nest looks a lovely idea to work on. Good to get those ideas flowing with more time spent in the studio.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend Earth Day - watching the birds build their nests for the next generation :) I'm making sure our birds have plenty of feed for this energy-draining time. No nests I can see but plenty of activity and pairing off. I really like your nest drawing.

  3. Why are bird's nests always so special? Great sketch, Jan. I always think of those as Van Gogh trees. We have a whole row of them in the neighborhood here that have been haunting me for years. They turn red in the horizontal sun. Your's is gorgeous as usual. Just checking in. Wm

  4. I'm sure it is hormones. Or something that drives the robin to give himself a morning concussion on my window. I tell him to get busy courting, feathering his nest, getting his tune just right to attract the ladies, but he seems bent on killing the imagined foe in my window's reflection.

    The nests and trees are beautiful. Over and under, around and through. Your tree holds the nest just right in its branches. Lovely, thoughtful work, Jan!