recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Monday, September 30, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

wild bliss

This time of year my indulgence is to eat (gorge on) luscious sweet pears from the wild orchards. I feel so lucky to be able to walk out the door, meander down a path fragrant with harvest, and reach for a sun-warmed pear, biting into juicy bliss!  

The dogs and I have been frequenting one tree at a time-they take the lower branches and me, the rest. I didn’t realize just how much we were consuming until one day our first tree was bereft of pears except for the very top. I thought some deer had visited for a feast. Then it hit me- it was us! Since, we have gone through a few trees -have to ‘get’ while the ‘getting’s good!

 September, wild pears, oil on canvas, plein air,  16x20in 2013, available

Saturday, September 21, 2013

encaustic, cold wax & dog tree intervention

'Fall'-demos from a recent encaustic and cold wax workshop:

 fall 1, encaustic & cold wax on panel, 8x10in, 2013, available

 fall 2, encaustic & cold wax on panel, 4x12in, 2013, available

Below, a few images from last Saturday's  Dog Tree intervention.


Prior to the installation, I made encaustic dog 'tags' containing quotes by well known persons. They were hung in the lower branches for passersby to handle and read.

and gathering materials for this embellishment could not have been easier...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

for the love of dog

There was no other wanderer on that road, yet I was not alone, for his tracks went with me, each paw-print as familiar as the print of my own hand. I followed them, I knew each thing he had done, each move he had made, each thought that had been his; for so it is with two who live one life together.

Farley Mowat, The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be, 1957

Rags for those loved: the Dog Tree

Dogs inspire artists. 

Emily Carr
They also bolster our communities, help us heal, improve our fitness and teach us about love and compassion. They enhance our spirit.

In 2012 I installed ‘Rags for those Loved, intentions from Ireland’. Local residents were given the opportunity to engage in an ancient Celtic custom in recognition of loved ones who were ill or have passed.

I am excited to announce the continuation of  this ritual of leaving offerings that represent a wish or aspiration, however this time; the dedication will be to our Dogs. ( or any loved companion, great or small, that has enhanced your life..)

The community is invited to embellish a symbolic tree with collars, toys, rags, poems, or any item that connects them with their beloved pet. These adornments are meaningful – symbolizing grief for a loved companion that has passed as well as a desire or dream for a new family member or adopted friend.
Visitors are encouraged to stop by with their pets to tell a story, and to write their dog’s name on a piece of fabric, tie it to a branch and make a wish. 

Saturday, September 14
Reception at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery
Site specific community project:
The public and their dogs are invited to participate. Location:
Outdoor grounds of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, ON, Canada


18 Carnegie Ln., Grimsby, ON., L3M 1Y1  905-945-3246

Saturday, September 7, 2013

summer birds (sold)

Everything is changing colour early. September is bittersweet. I miss my summer birds. The yellow finches left a few days ago. The yellow goldenrod will have to do.

It is a colourful yet quiet time of year to be out painting.

September, early gold, oil on canvas, 18x24in, 2013, available

Thursday, September 5, 2013

upcoming encaustic workshop

Sway, encaustic on found panel, 2x5x14in, 2013, available

September Encaustic painting workshop

at the artist's studio
all levels welcome
Saturday, September 21

click here for course description and registration.

Booking and payments can be made securely online via paypal