recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solstice and change (sold)

This December, on the day before solstice, it was warm, misty and rainy, looking more like April in the Niagara Region.

April, Niagara Escarpment
cold wax/oil on canvas
16x20in, 2007, sold

last December we had a nice layer of snow.....

December, Remains of the Day
oil on canvas
14x36in, 2010

Climate change is affecting the world and can't be ignored-for too many reasons I won't go into here.

I am happy, however, that there will always be a solstice and that the days are now getting longer!



  1. Happy Solstice Jan..both of these paintings have such wonderful movement!

  2. Happy Solstice! We, too, are having unusually warm and rainy weather - yesterday felt and looked like March or April with breezes and 60 degrees!!! I'll take it but I know what it means in the long term for our planet. I hope your holidays are merry, bright, and full of creativity and beauty! (That tree at top is just stunning - I bet it has many stories to tell.)

  3. Happy Solstice!
    It is very warm these days as we celebrate this season.
    The movement within your tree limbs of the first painting is so rhythmic and lyrical. In it's beauty it doesn't stand still.
    The low contrast in the second painting creates a beautiful melancholic ambiance.
    With all good thoughts for a wonderful holiday-

  4. J'aime particulièrement les arbres et celui que j'admire me rend heureuse...

    Je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes et une douce nuit de noël à vous et à tous ceux que vous aimez.
    Gros bisous.