recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Drawing on Time

The image below (48x72in) will be part of an installation for the upcoming show 'This land is OUR Land: the greenbelt dichotomy'

I was fortunate to receive funding from the Ontario Arts Council towards the production of new work for this exhibition.  I also took a few weeks from teaching in order to fully immerse myself into the project and have relished in every moment. 

I am still busy finishing up a series and very excited to see the exhibition as a whole and what the other artists will bring to it.

*no time lately to leave comments on my favourite blogs but still looking-especially enjoyed Krista Howell's new work as well as Caroline Simmill and Sheila Vaughan

 The More Things Change
charcoal & aluminum on panel
48x72in, 2012

yes, more aluminum -I just find it so intriguing. Below is the same drawing, but in  low cool light. the reflective aluminum light seems to move around the work in a continuous cycle of change-


  1. Un partage intéressant... Je vous fais de gros bisous

  2. WOW!! I love how you've immersed yourself in this new medium. It's had amazing results.


  3. Thank you for the mention Jan. I love your painting and wish you all the best for the show. Hope you will be sharing some photos with us of the exhibition preview night! I also enjoyed popping over to see the blogs of the artists Krista and Shelia very talented women.

  4. Lovely! Made me think: contemporary female answer to Piet Mondrian's 'silver tree'. Thanks for the mention. Best of luck with work prep!

  5. This is fabulous Jan, really - and when i looked at the size - wow I was so awe struck. It has a Van Gogh feel to it - liberated and blossomy. I'm not just saying that in relation to the scratching of backs either (but thanks for the mention)! All good wishes for the show. Wish I could see it.