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recent paintings and news

Sunday, June 10, 2012

powers that be

I don’t know what it is about a lone tree on a hill but after researching their believed powers while in the UK  I am interested to know stories from other cultures. When I was in Scotland I learned about the magic Rowan tree (although it doesn't need a hill to cast it's spell) but Canada is a young country in comparison and I don’t know of any historical fact or fiction in regards to tree lore. I am interested in finding out. Obviously we are all affected by trees and the natural world but what is it about a solitary one in the distance and in between?

July, Niagara Escarpment, oil on canvas, 36x36in, 2011, sold 

This painting recently sold and I am feeling a little separation anxiety. It was one of my largest plein air paintings- worked entirely on location and with no touching up in the studio. I went out every afternoon (with similar light conditions) for about a week and it was one of those rare transcendental  experiences where the painting takes you somewhere divine. 


  1. Living here in Maine, it's hard to imagine any tree being alone. They drop so many seeds, that one tree quickly develops into a forest! I live in the woods and just keeping our lot open is a challenge. Nature keeps wanting to reclaim her property.

    There's such lovely energy in your painting.

  2. That's a good paint Susan re trees dropping seeds-perhaps this one is too old? How nice for you to live in such a beautiful setting and you are right about Nature's force! Thanks also for visiting.

  3. Beautiful piece, Jan! Love the cornflowers blown about like bits of sky.
    Rowan trees are often stripped of their berries by hungry birds, so the seeds can be...deposited...quite a distance from the parent tree. Hence the lonely rowans. Although there are plenty in 'society', too.

  4. Hi Jan
    I have been finding it difficult to do much blog visiting and commenting of American relatives just left, so hopefully my life will regain some routine and regular studio time! I did check in on your Irish retreat from time to time and what an amazing experience it was!
    I can understand your separation anxiety with this painting. This painting IS nature. When I look at it I can feel the breeze, the insects floating around, the birdsongs and buzzing of bees. And quite a feat to complete this size plein air. Absolutely beautiful.
    I know what you mean about a solitary tree. My first oil painting when I was ten was a solitary tree in a meadow. Canada is definitely a young country. Our ancestors burned forests to clear the land..trees considered an obstruction to farming. fortunately nature is resilient.