recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Friday, July 12, 2013

good things come to those who wait

As a young girl I wandered fields at my grandmother’s farm. They were enchanting and mysterious. I loved to disappear in them, dream in them, and emerge from them as if I’d been in a magic world. Decades later I’ve opened myself again to the wonder of field.

On July walks I am enthralled with the floaty look of field and  stop in my tracks for too many minutes to see the light flicker and spark on the random wild growth-thinking it’s not random at all. And bird-watching with a sense of awe as they synchronize in low flight before landing to become one with field..

 July, good things come to those who wait,  oil / cold wax on canvas, 30x30in, 2013

I had posted this painting ‘in progress’ and finished it today. The reference was a loose drawing but it just  wasn’t enough and I found the colours and shapes were not going where I wanted. Rather than hike with this large canvas to work on location, I brought the wild flowers and grasses into the studio and used them as reference. I often do this and find it always helps, whether just with colour temperature or structure. I am much happier with the painting now. 

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