recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

you are everywhere (sold)

'The Lilacs are out and I'm thinking of you'-recent email to my Daughter. Every spring she would make a point of picking some for me. I hold the memory close.

I love this passage from 'Lilacs' by Amy Lowell

' Lilacs in dooryards
Holding quiet conversations with an early moon;   
Lilacs watching a deserted house
Settling sideways into the grass of an old road;
Lilacs, wind-beaten, staggering under a lopsided shock of bloom
Above a cellar dug into a hill.
You are everywhere.'

May, Quiet Conversations,  oil / cold wax on canvas, 16x20in, copyright Jan Yates 2014

*On another note, I am happy to report that Saturday's open studio event was a perfect day! Thanks to new visitors and collectors, students, neighbours, friends and loyal patrons for stopping by. Your support means more than I can say.
The only downside - I was so busy in conversation, I forgot to take photos !


  1. I love Lilacs, too. Wonderful colors - I like your painting..Have a nice weekend ahead, Inge