recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Thursday, September 25, 2014

-the milkweed project

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.
~Author Unknown -

For the Monarchs-the milkweed project

For 14 autumns I have cast Milkweed seeds into empty fields like stardust and over the years,
like magic, more and more plants are appearing. 

I begin by plucking their pods, and then gently pull them open to reveal silken white fluff anchored by flat brown heads. Each time I do this, I marvel at their perfect design; made for the wind to throw them to life.

 I would like to invite the community to help get our Monarch butterflies back by having a similar experience.'''''

Would you like to help the Monarchs by planting Milkweed in your garden? I will be handing out locally harvested milkweed seed pods this Saturday between 1:30-4 PM at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.

You will be given a whole seed pod, which contains hundreds of seeds! 
These are free-however, you must write your name on the seed pod. You keep the seeds-I keep the signed pods! I will then present  each signed seed  pod in a community tree.

 This project can not be used without written permission from Jan Yates, 2014


  1. I remember seeing milkweed pods when I was young, growing along our fenceline. But haven't seen any for a while - I wonder where they've gone? If I find one out walking, I will definitely bring it home to plant and reseed around my house :) Lovely project, Jan, and wishing you much success on this. I love the use of the milkpods in the natural "installation" art you are doing. Happy Fall!

  2. Thanks Rhonda, once again for taking the time to stop by with your kind words-as always you are so generous in your praise! The project went better than expected-so many people fascinated to see the pods, and then for them to be able to open them up and remove the seeds-mind you we had fun scattering them all over the grounds at the gallery as well!