recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shetland: April 17, 15, 14, 13

Once again I am behind on posting. It is so very hard (impossible) to articulate my feelings about being here. I am nourished. The way of life in Shetland has led me to question the status of my own life ways in Canada. With the last leg of this residency I am trying to subdue  a sense of foreboding. Being here has excavated a truth in myself that I thought was buried deep.

This residency is very different from the time in Ireland. Then, I was an objective outsider and in an altogether different state of mind. That residency was deeply profound and still affects my work, it is just a different experience than this one. In Shetland, I am IN the sea, IN the hills, IN the skies. There is no dividing line, no objectivity-just a divine surrender to a place in time.

April 15

A heady day in Shetland-sea birds ( some puffins that you CAN'T see in these photos),, cliffs white beaches, wonderful company and laughter -and the weather was bonnie too. Anne and Mike hope you know how much it means! At St Ninian’s Isle
and Sumburgh Head Lighthouse, Visitor Centre and Nature Reserve

April 14

I told myself that I must hunker down today and work-and was only going to the store (5 min)and back.....but the sun was out... Scalloway-

April 13

had such a wonderfully exhilarating walk (climb) today-

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  1. Hello!
    Im so glad to read you are enjoying your time in Shetland. When are you here until?