recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I finally took the time to photograph the whole of this painting-(rather than the snippets I've been sharing). I'm happy with it as it seems to culminate my time in Shetland.

Pending funding I have been invited back to Shetland for another residency-more to follow.

 Shetland 21 (a day with Anne & Mike)
oil/ cold wax on canvas
copyright Jan Yates 2016


  1. Beautiful!! So glad you are returning to Shetland for more inspiration.

  2. Not sure my last comment came through (I need to stop posting using the iPad which gives me fits at times). So, if it didn't....I am so glad you are going back to Shetland, where you found so much inspiration, and look forward to what you do there and when you return! At 30 x 30 inches, you canna say this is a peery one, can you? ha ha