recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

simmer dim

Months ago, after I returned from the residency, friends were kind enough to remove my painting  ‘Simmer Dim’ from stretchers (no easy feat) and ship it from Shetland to my Niagara home. I have only now unpacked it and just finished stretching/hanging. It feels strange (a good strange) gazing at it in this environment, so removed from that ever-changing sea and sky.

The work unfolded in the Sumburgh Head lighthouse over many evenings during simmer dim. Time was elusive because it didn’t get completely dark and I worked well into night. (From mid-May to mid-July Shetland enjoys the 'simmer dim' -summer twilight-when the sun only dips below the northern horizon for a few hours)

You can see this painting ‘live’ at the open studio on December 10. Other works from the residency, as well as Niagara Escarpment paintings, will also be up-and for sale. 

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