recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Not my usual seasonal serving, especially in the grey light of November and, lately, especially coming from me!

to everything there is a season
oil on canvas, 30x40in

This is the commission that I started at the beginning of summer (mentioned in my post here) and completed only a few weeks ago. A lot of time has lapsed between sessions and with family illness pervading I had to put it aside. It would not have been fair to my client had I pushed myself when my heart wasn't in it. I am very happy with it now (although still can’t manage to adjust colours to my liking on the monitor) The client came to the gallery today to pick it up and of course I was nervous re his response –he was happy! All is good.

Today I also sold my new painting (October, Liah’s View) that was barely dry. What a contrast in work compared to the garden above- I have really been questioning my direction lately and feeling pretty unsure re current work and where I am heading so this perked me up a wee bit...



  1. Hi Jan, thank you for your comment on my blog and as you can see I have made it over to your new blog. I think it does us all a great deal of good to go and paint something completely different now and again. I think the flowers here are still very much in your style of painting and the colours are the ones you use quite a lot in your landscapes too. The size of the painting is good too I would imagine the viewer is really feeling a part of the garden in which the flowers are. I wonder how you frame your works as a frame will really bring out the best in a painting too. I am so pleased that the commission was successful and the buyer really happy. I think your painting is really beautiful. Follow your heart and paint what inspires you right now. I will be interested to see what you create next!

  2. I love this summery work!! Especially on a day like today that, though it's beautiful and sunny, has the earth going to sleep for the winter...

  3. It really feels great to complete a commission...commissions always bring me so much anxiety, I wonder why I do them. I feel as Caroline said, that this flower painting is very much your style. It is flowery without being artificial.
    I am struggling a little (as you are) regarding direction and color. I feel I'm making some progress understanding values, and then I get sidetracked with "color harmony". As I always say...I wish I had paid attention in school!
    I am going to post your new blog url on my blog list.