recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It certainly feels like November.

This evening when I opened the door to let the dogs in, the air had that crisp winter chill, the moonlit sky was filled with clouds and stars—and to really make it for me was the sound of the coyotes yip yip yipping—glad they’re still around!

This is a view from my studio window that I started on a grey day last week and finished up today, which was challenging because today was sunny and the leaves are now gone. But I was really interested in the dialogue between the 2 trees. I don’t know—and I suppose I don’t care-what kind they are, except that my neighbour planted them forty years—and I love them..they light up bright pink just before the sun goes down—another painting..

November (last dance)
oil on canvas
18x24in, 2010



  1. Beautiful November scene. Some leaves still hanging on, green grass, but the greys of winter showing through. I like the subtle light on the trees. Great title too!

  2. ...and they really are dancing....

  3. Hi Jan, I just got in from taking more photos of trees this morning in and around the forest close to where I live. I have been concentrating on the boughs of the trees as they fascinate me. And am just going away to the studio to do some drawings of them. How exciting to see your trees here dancing away what inspirational work, simply wow!

  4. Thanks for your positive responses Caroline, Joan and Catherine--I really am happy with this and only wish it was larger scale.