recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

in progress

I enjoy it when other artists post their works in progress so thought I'd share mine.

This is the path behind my studio that leads into my beloved painting mecca. Right now it is chock full of August--goldenrod, dried grasses and fruit that are trying their best to emerge from unkempt  trees.

Yesterday was so lovely re light and temperature as the humidity was taking a hiatus.

August, in progress, 24x36in, oil on canvas

I think I more session might tie everything together but I like the composition and movement thus far. I just have to wait for a day with the same weather & light to continue. !


  1. Hi Jan, wow you are bold using oils outside it must be very still weather. I sometimes take photos of my paintings outside and am always fearful of the wind blowing my painting off the easel! I do love this blog entry to be able to see the large canvas in this fine location. The sunshine and the lush summer vegetation and trees are asking to be painted. A beautiful blue sky brings cheer to the setting too. I love what you have done with this scene your imagination has created great colour and life with bold sweeping brush work. You capture the very heart of the landscape those grasses and the tree itself are dancing with beautiful colour and almost reaching out and embracing life. I do hope you get another day like this so you can finish your beautiful painting. Well done Jan!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Caroline-still a lot to do to tie it together but really want to work on the whole painting outdoors so may be some time. In the meantime I am finishing up a few skies and getting works together for next weekend's show.

    As always your comments are so appreciated!

  3. Beautiful work, as usual! I have a painting in the goldenrod field that I started last August and will continue now too. I really enjoy seeing your setting and the in-progress aspect too.
    Thanks for sharing!