recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Sunday, February 12, 2012

drawing on reflection and murmuration


I don’t think I am alone –fellow artists have told me that they feel a little lost after a show. It is part of growth--time to reflect as well as be open to ideas that have been waiting until deadlines are over. I really enjoy this transition time. I go into the studio with open heart and mind-no plan-and intuitively pick out media-intuitively play-intuitively follow my gut-no pressure-no deadline-just be.

These mixed media drawings came out of this 'letting go'-and I now have an inkling of where they are taking me, although I won’t be disappointed if we change course.

I have always been interested in migration, primarily in birds and the natural world, although lately our own migration, and im-igration, also seem to occupy my thoughts. Perhaps it is because I will be travelling to Ireland soon for my residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. I find myself interested in perusing a series of starling murmurations. Although I have seen them here on the Niagara escarpment, the magnitude of this phenomenon went viral when  posted on this video. Ironically it was filmed in Ireland. 

 study-Murmuration, mixed media on aluminum primed panel, 10x10in, 2012

So a few of my latest ‘art plays’—will see where they will take me. 

Reflection, Niagara Escarpment, mixed media on panel, 12x40in, 2012

 Kama's beeswax crayons, aluminum pigment, and charcoal

February, mixed media on panel, 8x10in, 2012

*my friend Mockingbird 'ducking' for cover on the studio porch...


  1. Your work here has a deep feeling of being still held within a winter landscape. There is such a life and beauty about your work Jan. Your work conveys such sensitive feeling.

  2. I agree with Caroline; your work is held within winter still and yet it seems you are capturing the winds blowing through the trees, the birds flocking and creating their own dance of beauty. Lovely work and I will await to see where you follow these new directions :)

  3. Especially love 'Reflections'!
    Have fun!