recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Friday, February 17, 2012

winter plein air & random show images

This week I have been working in the studio -still drawing - but I needed to get out and paint from direct observation. For the last month I have worked in either encaustic or dry media and have been craving the sensation of painting with oil- in it's fluidity, immediacy and movement. So I packed up my gear and set off late afternoon when the light was interesting, but didn't venture far from the studio. I wasn't sure how the weather would hold and in feeling so rusty only brought one small canvas. (which is NOT what I tell my students-always have at least two surfaces, no matter what!)

This painting is merely a study-an exercise. It was good to be back out there-felt like home-which I was, I suppose.

February (study), Niagara escarpment, oil on panel, 8x10in, available

Below are some random images from the exhibition 'This land is OUR Land: the Greenbelt Dichotomy

As usual I forgot to take pictures at the opening, but it was packed and a LOT of fun! Thanks to all who came out-your continued support is deeply appreciated.

Planting by the moon, encaustic on panel, 10x10in, 2012

Fallow, encaustic and aluminum on panel, 12x40in, 2012

Greenbelt Dichotomy

Tired Eskar, installation by Jefferson Cambel Cooper, portraits by Michelle Teitsma

greenbelt dichotomy close up 2012

Almanac Moons

May, Supply & Demand
Oil on canvas
Collection of J & K Barrett

‘Niagara’s very limited fruit lands are the best in North America, and they are much threatened by development despite the Greenbelt protections. Fruit farmers are aging and are increasingly under huge financial pressures, and neither their farm expertise nor the land can be replaced elsewhere. And, crucially, if the government is not prepared to save this unique part of the Provincial Greenbelt through a substantive investment in the land and the farmers, through payments for easements, we will be left not too far in the future, with a “token” fruit belt having blossoms but no real farmers on the land. In fact the very success of the Greenbelt will be totally undermined, as after all, if the government cannot save the best lands in Canada what other part of the Greenbelt can they protect for farming and for feeding Ontarians?’

Val O’Donnell, President,
The Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society (PALS)

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  1. February colours are great. Lovely range of pieces in the exhibition!