recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

encaustic carry ons

As often happens after teaching an encaustic workshop, my students so inspired me that I kept working long after they left. A warm sunny day meant wide open windows and voices wafting through were such 'carrying ons' of my feathered could their shenanigans not affect the outcome?

close up- carry on

Carry On (March), encaustic on box, 5x16x5in, 2012, available

close up-murmur

             March, Murmur, encaustic collage on panels, 10x15in 2012, available

*am thinking worries re flight restrictions on what I carry on the upcoming Ireland trip might have influenced this just a wee bit...


  1. Demoiselle Printemps doit être flattée avec ces oiseaux...
    Gros bisous