recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ireland residency & published image


This is a sheep in the Scottish highlands that followed me around one day. I’ve been feeling rather sheepish myself as I prepare to embark on a residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Southern Ireland.

 Now that time is drawing near, between the packing and preparations, I must remind myself to breath deep and relish in the unfolding. I am honoured and humbled to soon be living and working in an environment so rich in history and culture, amongst artists of all disciplines.

Needless to say I am chock full of emotion. Preparing to travel is always stressful but this is the longest I have been away and my first residency, although not my first application. So upon receiving this letter of invitation from the Tyrone Guthrie Centre I scrutinized it just to be sure it was me they wanted, before jumping up and down, gleefully shouting, etc etc.

I have also been fretting over materials-as most travelling artists do, because of possible confiscation re oil colours by customs. As well, there are weight restrictions on luggage and astounding overweight fees are strictly enforced. While at Annaghmakerrig I intend  to work on the land as much as possible so have  been researching new easel set ups (3 options so far). I  will share in an upcoming post once I decide what might work best.

When my friends travel I envy them. It must be so easy to just worry about packing clothes. I suppose I should figure something out along those lines as well..?

 Three Sheep to the Wind, oil on canvas, 16x20in, 2009

On another note, one of my paintings has been featured in a well know Canadian art magazine, called Arabella. The work coincides with a feature about artists who paint snow. Grand!

January, a time to keep silent, oil on canvas, 30x36in, 2008, sold


  1. Congratulations! It sounds like such an adventure for you and I know it will bring lots of growth in your art - and in you :) I hope you work out the packing/sorting and don't forget to take clean undies! ha ha

  2. wow!
    Fantastic news!! I will be watching to see what you do! I am very excited for you. My entire family (on both sides) immigrated from I have a special interest! I hope to visit there one day too. I love the sheep paintings and congratulations on the publication too. Nice! High Five!

  3. Toutes mes félicitations... je suis heureuse pour vous et vous souhaite plein de bonnes choses et de merveilleuses rencontres...
    Gros bisous

    Ps : j'en oubliais de vous dire combien vos peintures sont belles.

  4. How exciting! A change of landscape and time carved out to focus. Have a brilliant time..

  5. This is so exciting and you will only be over a very small pond from me! Ireland across to Scotland is much closer than Scotland to Canada! I was thinking today about the problem you have regarding the art materials I wonder if maybe you could purchase some art materials when you arrive in Ireland and use them up during your residency. Or you could perhaps paint with a limited palette. Anyway it is all WOW and exciting and you are featured in a magazine too awesome! Have you seen Rebecca Crowell's blog she did an art residency in Ireland last year, you can see her Ireland paintings on her website. She really has captured the emerald isle. I wish I was going too I have been to Ireland and toured around it (my birth mother was Irish, bless her!)with a friend of mine years ago. Heaps of nuns and holy folk who were so kind giving us lifts everywhere and not forgetting live music in the smallest of pubs any day of the week! Do keep us posted when you can. And don't forget the clean undies (well remembered Rhonda!) as I remember arriving in Ullapool and not being able to buy anything in that line at all. Everyone had to travel to Inverness to buy their underwear can you imagine such a journey! I bet Ireland is the same, lol!

  6. Hi Jan So very happy for you and YES envious. Had you thought of maybe mailing some supplies to where you will be, have no idea of the cost but I think that it may be easier to get your supplies past customs if yoou send them and mark them gifts. Not sure if may work for you but worth the thouyght. GOOD LUCK and ENJOY this fabulous opportinity you deserve it Sharon

  7. WOW thanks ALL for your comments-and yes Rhonda the undies are packed!

    Caroline I was considering the idea of flying into Scotland but my daughter trumps as i will be meeting up with her in Amsterdam after...wish there was time--to do both! It's so cheap now to fly over from Dublin with Ryanair at 40euro...

  8. Have a wonderful time! Annaghmakerrig was inspirational for me - and I don't throw that word around. Hope getting your materials there worked out.