recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Sunday, December 2, 2012

protectors of nature

Below is another image inspired by my experience in Ireland.
Epona and Macha are Celtic horse Goddesses who watch over the land, protecting its abundance and insuring a good harvest. As protectors of nature, they grant sovereignty over the land and are the goddesses of the stable, protecting all who work with horses. They guide and protect.

Embedded deeper into the wax is the Inverurie Horses" symbol-a design created by George Bain, inspired by a Pictish image of a horse he found carved into a stone in Inverurie, Scotland. It too is thought to represent the three "Great Horse" goddesses of Celtic mythology: "Epona" (Gaulish), "Macha" (Irish), and "Rhiannon" Welsh. 

voyager 2, encaustic on panel, 8x12in, 2012, available

Spirals represent the journey of soul from the sacred vortex uncoiling outward to fill the universe, then returning to the balanced center. Spirals are a natural pattern found in wind and water currents, trees, shells, and seeds and express the unfolding of the earth’s energies and the expansion of the universe.
Throughout the layering process I intermittently added powdered aluminum pigment and although the digital image does not show, light moves continuously through the work.

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