recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

what is it about an orchard?

I have been spending as much time and energy as my schedule permits immersed with painting. Spring brings out the best in me I think. The returning birds are back to welcome me on my daily walks, and even though there are still patches of snow on the ground, the earth is warming up and showing green.

The orchards will not be in bloom for another month at the earliest, but after the monochrome and dormancy of a long winter I crave some colour and light and those familiar with my work know of my orchard obsession. 

I have a few canvases on the go and this is one of them. 

 Waiting for May, oil/cold wax on waxed support, 24x30in, available

 Although I usually work from paintings made on location, ‘Waiting for May’ was made by intuition, intention and recall. I hope it t echoes my optimism and although you may not see the birds in this painting, I like to think I speak for them as well.


  1. Hi Jan-- Great painting! Very moody and mysterious. Just checkin in--best --bill

  2. Delicious painting :) And what better obsession to have than an orchard obsession. I always want to see a large orchard in bloom when spring comes but I always end up missing the best days to see them in their full blooming glory. One of these days - I can imagine I'll be drunk with the sight when it happens.