recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Sunday, July 3, 2011

balance & letting go

On Sundays I work at our gallery - located in a tourist driven region of Niagara. In the summer we are fortunate in that we have visitors from around the world, and I am happy –and very thankful- to say that through this venue my paintings have moved to new homes in other countries.

I am especially happy, however, when they make their way to dwellings close to home. When local residents connect with the vineyards, orchards, fields and sky indicative of this region it touches a deeper chord.  Such was today. I actually had the opportunity to meet the couple that purchased ‘May’. Often I don’t so the chance to discuss the painting and hear why they responded to it was deeply gratifying-and so exciting to see it through their eyes! In discussing the work it inevitably brought back the inspiration and process so when it was time to part it was also bittersweet.

I guess the reason I am writing this is affirmation, for lack of a better word, that, as an artist, what I do can sometimes make a difference in not only my, but another person's, well being- being well. This always surprises me-like a revelation. Then my constant insecurities are momentarily quashed with the wonder of it all. Through many years and many paintings I have questioned why I continue to do what I do. (as if I have a choice??) I've given up a LOT-(would kill for a weekly pay check). Family, friends, loved ones are often put on the back burner. But making art is like breathing -I can’t NOT do it-so these intimate encounters with kindred spirits that 'get' my work enough to want it in their daily lives is something to behold-for me at least.

I’d love to hear from other artists on this-what have YOU sacrificed for your art?

 "May" with Doug & Pat


  1. Une très jolie publication. Toutes mes félicitations pour cette vente... Une très très belle peinture qui s'en va de chez vous pour une nouvelle famille...
    Je comprends ce que vous ressentez lorsque vous parlez de vos sacrifices...
    J'ai renoncé à des moments de partages avec les miens... J'ai négligé mes jours fériés, mes vacances pour ma peinture... Mais sans ma peinture je ne suis pas celle que je suis!
    Gros bisous

  2. Congratulations!
    The self-doubt is always there to counteract the insane confidence necessary to make something where there was nothing. Wishing you more of these rewarding moments...

  3. I can see why they connected to this one - so beautiful and full of hope and life! Possibly even brought back a memory of driving through an orchard in full bloom :) I, too, find art an obsession that I must do or feel so out of sorts I'm not pleasant to be around! ha ha Keep working and keep sharing your dreams - they are beautiful pieces of you :)

  4. thanks Martinealson
    i have no idea what you are saying but really appreciate taking the time to write it-will find out how to translate it for sure

    hey Katie
    thanks and you are so right on--

    Thanks Rhonda i`m so glad the image makes you think of driving by a whir of those dancing trees! and yes, i`ve often said there should be a support group for family & friends of artists!

  5. How lovely to see your beautiful painting 'May' find a home. I often think how nice it can be to meet those who buy our work. I very rarely meet my buyers as I sell through galleries but I do get emails from fond buyers. Yes indeed a weekly pay check would be nice but the life of an artist is the commitment we have each of us made. Enjoy the journey Jan!

  6. This is a beautiful painting. Your paintings show much emotion. I like your free style. I still keep my day job and try to paint when I can. Someday.....

  7. thanks for stopping by Stephanie and for your compliment! i enjoyed visiting your site-and like a LOt of your work -the July 4th was really sublime- now you tell me you have a day job? WOW!