recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Friday, April 26, 2013

voices of the air

A  new encaustic painting depicting my enchantment with friends returning.

voices of the air, encaustic etc with aluminum, 12x36in, 2013, available

On my walk this evening I reflected on the marvel of living on the Niagara escarpment and being in the midst of such varied bird species. 

 Hawks are playing in the thermal winds,  I am seeing the yellow flashes of finches lighting up the thickets, the red-winged blackbirds scold me, the mockingbirds are-mocking, cardinals show off for mates and the bobolinks will be back soon to nest.

The air is filled and I love it.


  1. Wonderful piece! Did you put real feathers in the work? I do like birds of all kinds and this is really lovely with an interesting design element.

  2. thanks Rhonda-yes, they are real feathers . i found them in the field-as I frequently do-don't know if a starling was attacked by a hawk or cat-mind you I just found a cat carcass and I don't know if IT was attacked by a hawk or coyote-regardless, the little lives mustn't be sacrificed in vain-hence my pockets are always open to art possibilities on daily field walks!