recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

self portrait

Another re-work of a painting from last August that I wasn’t happy with. This year, I`ve been especially moved to paint my `homeland` as it might be the last summer here-change is in the air. 

 As followers know, this tree has been a constant in my work over the years. With it’s wild unkempt branches growing in different directions I consider it to be a self portrait. 

 August, oil on canvas, 24x36in, 2013

We have had cooler weather and early in the season, lots of rain. I have never seen so many apples adorn this wild tree since I moved here fourteen years ago so am assuming the season’s climate has factored in.

On a related note I have just returned from a press conference for the The Greenbelt Harvest Picnic. It`s location, at Christie Lake Conservation area, is beautiful! The outdoor music event  features farmers markets as well as visual art. 

It was really lovely to meet some of the farmers and musicians at this morning’s media conference, although I think my enthusiasm over meeting White Horse in person might have placed me high on their `beware`  list of stalkers! 

Melissa McClelland & Luke Ducet (whitehorse)

Follow up

Below a few images of Sunday`s 
workshop held at my place. I also wanted to report that my opening at Earls Court Gallery went REALLY well, however their photographer is on vacation so I will not be able to post images until she returns. 

in order of appearance:
Daryl, Liz, Bob, Marj

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