recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Saturday, September 21, 2013

encaustic, cold wax & dog tree intervention

'Fall'-demos from a recent encaustic and cold wax workshop:

 fall 1, encaustic & cold wax on panel, 8x10in, 2013, available

 fall 2, encaustic & cold wax on panel, 4x12in, 2013, available

Below, a few images from last Saturday's  Dog Tree intervention.


Prior to the installation, I made encaustic dog 'tags' containing quotes by well known persons. They were hung in the lower branches for passersby to handle and read.

and gathering materials for this embellishment could not have been easier...


  1. Une publication intéressante... De l'art de toutes les manières.
    Gros bisous et bon weekend

  2. Wonderful painting and sun filled photos Jan.