recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Monday, August 25, 2014

ever lasting

Laura and her two brothers grew up on a peach farm and last month she approached me about a commission. Her parents ‘sadly had to recently sell the farm because it is too much work now for my Dad. They have lived there for over 40 years and will be moving after this last harvest.'

  ‘My Dad has said numerous times how he will miss the view of the peach trees, escarpment and sky from their back porch.’

As some may know, Niagara farmland is close to my heart, as is the story of the family farm, so I welcomed the idea of making this painting. 

It was to be presented as a surprise for their parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

It was held this past Sunday. I waited with baited breath, then, an email: ‘They Love It!’ 

oil on panel
24x48in, 2014

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