recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This week I’m in the studio working on a commission- from one of my ‘October’ paintings as reference. On this December day, however, the temperature is _9C .
Snow-worthy for sure although it hasn’t arrived in this part of Southern Ontario- yet- except for a light dusting. I hope it holds off until next week when I have some time to paint it. In the meantime I thought I’d share another of my December vineyards from seasons past.

December, Remains of the Day
oil on canvas
11x14in, 2008

I remember sitting right in the snow to paint it. I have a ‘sleeping-bag’ type coat that goes down to my ankles and I can tuck it under to stay warm. (I think it is my favourite piece of clothing. Huge pockets to put things in from daily field walks—milkweed pods, stones, the occasional animal part that my dogs have discovered).
I was attracted to the remains of one of those shimmering blue-bright December days and accompanied the incoming shifting hues of light.



  1. I hope your commission goes well for you Jan. Interesting to hear about you painting outside in a sleeping bag! I have found it cold in my studio lately and find hot ginger and lemon tea very warming! What a lovely painting you are showing us here you really have captured the beauty of the cold day with the icy snow around those vines. I especially love the colours you are using. Look forward to seeing the finished commission here soon. Best wishes from a chilly and snowy Scotland.

  2. great winter paintings. Love your energy evoked in them.

  3. Another wonderful frosty December scene. I enjoyed hearing about your attire for the Plein Air winter pictures. Plein Air is on my list of things to attempt...I'll have to head out to value village to have a look! The changing light as the sun fades is so amazing at this time of year and you have portrayed it really well here.

  4. Gray blue but still sparkly. What determination it takes to paint in the cold like you do!! Love it!