recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Solstice

Well, it’s 2AM on Tuesday the 21st of December--and the earth will align for two special events - - a total eclipse of the moon, and the winter solstice when winter officially begins.

The night sky has been so beautiful..I painted this from my window around 7:30PM until 11:30 and will definitely go back into it as it's still very rough around the edges, so to speak.

As well I need to adjust the palette. It was so dark while I was working that I was scooping up what I thought was one colour only to find..NOT.
This needs to be more cohesive/refined and perhaps I will glaze when completely dry. As well, I  am having  problems with the M Graham whites. They are not opaque- they are  too transparent and fluid aka walnut oil-I like fluidity and transparency in some of their coloured pigments, but not  white! I had run out of KAMA (beautiful Canadian handmade paint) --what a difference and I will be ordering some today. Considering the time of year I had better stock up.

December, Remains of the Day -( in progress)
oil on canvas


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  1. Jan I am a bit late in checking the blogs I follow today. I would have said be careful with this wee gem I would have left it with it's own voice as you have from what I can see on my computer screen actually manged to paint the early evening, the twilight hours just perfectly. This is simply very quiet and beautiful. Most certainly a WOW painting.