recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A few new strays (sold)

Below are a few encaustic paintings where I incorporated and transferred representational (somewhat) images to integrate with the work.


 Fire Fly        Moon Dance
original painting embellished with encaustic, 8x11in, 2011, sold

 I am quite happy with this image. The original sketch was done on black gessoed card that I masked off. It was rendered with acrylic and charcoal-I wanted that gauzy grainy and velvety blackness that only charcoal can do. 

I then drew on the right side of the panel with charcoal and oil bar and my homemade pigment crayons. After transferring the original painting onto the support I built the whole surface with encaustic glazes and did a lot of manipulation with the iron. What you can’t see in the image are very fine grains of silver leaf that really emulate the sparks of light on the right in a nice subtle flow.


July, a time to rend
image transfer embellished with encaustic, alfalfa &  mixed media on panel 8x11in 2011, sold

For this work I transferred a small copy of my 24x36in painting onto the panel, than embellished it with alfalfa plucked from the field where I painted the original. A few layers of encaustic clear glazes are applied, then with pigment, followed by a final application of gold and copper leaf. 

During the process I intermittently drew with oil bar and wax/pigment sticks that I made. This was in order to reveal subtle colour nuances exposed from underneath when scraped and carved.

July, Remains of the Day

original painting embellished with encaustic & mixed media on panel 
6x8in 2011, sold

This is a small oil sketch painted last week with my students. I transferred it onto a panel, than embellished it with encaustic in the same manner as described in the previous work. (I just brought it into the gallery today and it has sold!)

*If you'd like to learn some of these encaustic collage techniques, new classes start this week-just contact me : 



  1. July the remains of the day is really lovely, what bonny colours you are using. Nice design quality in this one too.