recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow, Sky: November's farewell

Lately I have been so very scattered and I know it is because I have not 'allowed' myself enough creation time. And by that I don't mean the physical act of making art-as we all know it's the 'before' time to process that fuels the work.

November, Remains of the Day 
mixed media on canvas, 8x8in, 2011, available

But I see light at the end of the tunnel-a winding down with business and personal issues that are getting in the way. So today was my transition day. I went for a long rejuvenating walk-and it started to snow! It was light, gentle, tentative  -and like a cleansing-then the snow melted and left without a trace that it was ever there.

Back in the studio around 5PM, I glanced out the window and was struck by an incredibly turquoise and pink sky. I grabbed a wee canvas and just responded. Change is often sublte but in a matter of hours can be so splendidly different.

Below is an earlier work, a first snow in December 09, but it put me in mind of today's transition.

oil on panel
14x14in, 2009



  1. Deux peinture magiques...
    Dans la dernière, la nature s'est endormie, laissant place à ce beau manteau neigeux... Belle atmosphère hivernale.
    Gros bisous

  2. love both of these---the coldness of bottom image---and the warmth of top image. Excellent!

  3. Celeste said it = cold and warm both in this post. I, too, saw a beautiful pink sunset that didn't look possible just the other evening, but against a more grey filled sky. Still, startling color to see and if you painted it, it wouldn't be believed. We've had our first flurries here, too - brrrr....

  4. I love visiting your blog and reading your thoughts about the seasons. You really do capture the atmosphere of each day so well in your beautiful paintings always full of expression. Your writing illustrates your thoughts perfectly. It is cold here too the snow has settled on the ground and there are more flurries to arrive this week. Stay warm and happy painting.