recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Sunday, March 20, 2011

the fever

Spring has arrived, resonating optimism and inspiration. April pours the bath and May soaks in it, seductive in high chroma, heady scent and song-—no wonder they call it a fever!

The painting below is a re-visit and I have also included the before. I felt there was way too much going on in before—a busy onslaught leaving no space for the eye to rest or the mind to linger. I wanted to quiet areas down but still retain that –for lack of a better phrase—‘ magic-y whirr-y’ effect—the ethereal worshippers dancing for the sky. ( you might have noticed -my imagination has no 'stop' buttons when it comes to the orchard)

Niagara Escarpment
oil on canvas
24x48in, 2011

I am much happier with the final outcome, which took very little time. It makes me wonder whether the countless hours and work that went into before factored into the seamless flourish of after... Would I have approached it differently if starting from scratch? Did I learn from both processes? Of course-every painting is it’s own-but making art is about the state of heart and mind at the time of it’s inception—the art unfolds as we do.





  1. Jan, the latest work is much fresher and full of sunshine. I really like it so don't go and change it too much. I think you really have captured the feeling of spring time in your trees. By the way thank you so much for the links sorry not to get back but I will write soon as I have some time.

  2. okay Caroline lets make a deal-you don't touch your painting and i won't touch mine
    glad you don't mind re Rebecca Cromwell--she was in toronto just last week!

  3. I see what you mean about the "before" being somewhat busy, but I don't mind the fact that it is full of life, a breeze blowing the blooms around, cool air, busy insects, a tangle of life. The "after" is definitely more restful...more of a May scene...warm air awaiting summer, the fragrance of blooms. I have to say that I like both, but as far as depicting May, I prefer the after. The fact that the "after painting" happened so effortlessly suggests that the painting was just waiting for the right time to be finished.
    I wonder if the after needs some of the darker blue bits at the top of the canvas?
    Thanks again for your insightful input re: my recent painting. I am honoured to be compared with Hopper. Wish I could have come up with a title that told a story, but my brain was exhausted after painting all day!

  4. I love Rebecca's work she is a favourite artist of mine her blog is so interesting too. Oh dear I went and changed my painting lol!!

  5. "After" is definitely all about spring. Your graceful trees present as though bouquets.

  6. Your work is so beautiful and BOTH these paintings are fresh and vibrant. I just love the brush strokes you use and your palette is wonderful too.
    What a joy to see!