recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Painting, Planting, Growing

When we moved into this old farmhouse the first thing I did was plant hollyhocks from seed. Sometimes they would grow, sometimes not. So when they come, to mark my delight in their arrival, I paint them.

Their old fashioned look suits this place and I love everything about them-stalks, buds and leaves as well as the flower. This summer’s hollyhocks (I even like their name) appeared beside the house and as bedraggled as they are from the season’s drought, (and neglect) managed to show some optimistic blooms.

  Finally my Hollyhocks, oil on canvas, 18x24in, 2012

This morning I set up my easel and laid in the overall composition. It’s likely that I will go back in to resolve/refine and quiet  areas down - but I think I like the overall feel of the work.

The wee Black-Eyed Susans make a nice contrast

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