recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

encaustic workshop

In today's encaustic workshop, participants were interested in learning how to work in a somewhat representational style. Below are two works that started as oil and cold wax under-paintings, and then were built up with layers of molten wax and pigment.

 winter 5, encaustic on panel 14x20in, 2013

In this  advanced class, participants also explored shellac burn techniques as well as warmed drawing, monotype and mixed media.

 winter 6, encaustic etc on panel, 9x12in, 2013

As usual, I was so engaged with my students that I forgot to take pictures in-situ. I emailed them and they promise to pass on their finished paintings so I can share them as they made some really exciting work. 

I will be posting dates for March and April encaustic studio workshops soon. For info please visit my website or contact me.

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