recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Although the current weather begs to differ, murmurations I am seeing on daily walks tell a more optimistic story of what is to come. 

The three images in this new encaustic work feature young starlings that were perched in the trees outside my window. 

 I am enthralled with the dialogue that birds have with one another-whether with gesture and flight or verbal. These two seemed to be showing off and chattered and scolded incessantly-perhaps they were courting.

I am still salvaging and painting on surfaces from my surroundings rather than purchasing anything new. 

Although I have been working on top of failed paintings, this image was rendered on a panel I had made for a show some time ago but never used. I have to admit it felt strange to be working on a ‘clean slate ’!

The dimensions (12x48in) make it difficult to photograph so I have included sections with the full image at the end of this post. 

I incorporated powdered aluminum as well as a wee bit of gold leaf, which doesn’t show in the digital image, but the light moves through the work nicely with these reflective touches.

Emphasized also is the linear movement, and I enjoyed making the feathery charcoal smudges

Murmur, encaustic etc on panel, 12x48in, 2013, available


  1. Un beau dialogue que celui de cette peinture... Elle me parle, elle me chuchote des petites notes d'optimisme... Je ne saurais pas vous dire pourquoi exactement mais elle me remplit de douceur.
    Joli travail.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  2. I absolutely love this piece. The charcoal adds such a nice random touch. I normally see more birds at this time of year, but I haven't come across many yet. At least the sap has been running for awhile, so change is happening slowly. Your genuine love of nature shows in your work.

  3. I really love your work! so nice to discover your painting~

  4. Thanks Sarah,

    I appreciate your kind words!