recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

if the heart’s not in it

For such a short month, February seems to be the longest. As I thaw from another treacherous hike braving icy terrain and skin-splitting arctic wind, I must admit that winter is taking its toll on my well being-and being well!

Right now l am longing for Spring; for what is to come-anticipation is that much sweeter because of February’s monochrome.

Today I want colour, and although I see artists painting colourful spring and summer landscapes from photo references, I can’t work that way. I am affected by seasons and cycles when it comes to painting the land and if I don’t feel a symbiotic connection with the current environment, the work becomes an illustration. If the heart’s not in it than why do it?

Featured here is a very early encaustic image. It triggered a series titled ‘Liberty Garden’ and it is one of my favourite works. It warms me up.

 Liberty Garden, encaustic, seeds & packet on found panel, 6x14in, 2005


  1. Je pense qu'à la fin de l'hiver le temps nous semble atrocement long... Demoiselle Printemps se fait belle en cachette !
    Gros bisous

  2. I understand and sympathize. Whether winter is harsh, cold, and white or unusually warm, it saps me of my creativity for at least a month each year. Perhaps it's a time for recharging? Lovely flowers!