recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

night moves

It is a struggle for me to paint with oil under artificial light, however  with these #/*#%!!^ shorter days and my schedule, I have no choice. I often switch over to  encaustic at night because I am working flat and don’t have an issue with glare-but upright on the easel is an altogether different story.

I have spent more time getting the right bulbs, adjusting lights, then glare, then adjusting, then glare-however I think I've finally gotten to where it is fairly even, although I might have to glaze work when I asses it in natural  daylight.

So here is a new painting in progress-30x40in. Limited pallet-again my favourite winter combination. Not sure how far I will go with it. 

I do like making art at night as my mind is empty of daily left brain jargon and open to a myriad of possibility.

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  1. I really love this painting, and I'm having trouble articulating why. There is a wonderful sense of drama, and it seems I can feel the wind on me as I look at it. I feel like I am there, rather than just enjoying a good painting.