recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

encaustic workshop & Klee Wyk

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery has invited me to teach an encaustic workshop next Tuesday night,
April 5, from 6:30~9:30PM. If you live close by there are a few openings still available.

The fluidity of molten wax and colour combined with the immediacy and diversity of printmaking will be addressed in this evening workshop. Incorporating drawing, painting and image transfer, you will engage and be inspired to play with collage, monotype, resist and relief techniques. We will also address temperature, adhesion, layering, surfaces and how to make your own encaustic paint.
This workshop is open to a maximum of 6 participants, allowing for individual guidance and lots of hands-on exploration.To register, please contact me

My friend and I were talking books tonight and I mentioned Emily Carr. Most people know Carr as a great Canadian painter, but she was also an accomplished author, with quite a sense of humour to her writing. Our conversation brought to mind this image below, inspired by one of Carr's books, titled 'Klee Wyk' ('laughing one')

Klee Wyk
encaustic on panel
diptych, 8x16in



  1. I was pleased to be able to see Emily's work in the museum in Victoria, BC a couple of year's ago - amazing stuff! Of course, I had to visit her house and buy a book or two and some postcards. I've always liked her work.

  2. Emily Carr a truly inspiration women who walked and painted in her own wild places. Lovely encaustic work Jan I love the birds in your work, nice colours too. All the best with the course wish I lived near by I would be over like a shot!

  3. hey Rhonda Lucky YOU! I would love to visit her house

    Thanks Caroline-yes the birds won't leave me alone! i find it challenging to include birds in paintings without looking kitchy..but they are such a part of my outdoor painting experience- always watching me and the songs they serenade me with while out there are on top of my 'why i paint outdoors' list

  4. I enjoyed scrolling through your blog and enjoy seeing your lovely painterly plein air paintings, very nice!