recent paintings and news

recent paintings and news

Sunday, March 27, 2011

fast forward

This little painting is another re-work… my impatience for May compelling me to fast forward

oil/encaustic on panel
6x10in, 2011

I have included the original plein air work that was rendered last March. You will see that I decided to grow this painting into a fresh spring pallet and texture of a new May and the process was quite fun.

I let some of the oil paint show through in the sky and the structure of the trees and even some of the dormant umber grasses. I then gingerly applied molten pigment for the vivid grasses and blooms—intermittently using a warm iron to move and smooth out some of the pigment. Following was the final process of fusing/burning -in with heat, then a final polish to harden and protect the work.



  1. This is absolutely brilliant, Jan!! I also love being able to see the process involved (i.e. before and after) as well as the steps you took to get it there.


  2. Great to see you painting Jan, lovely orchard and much improved by the change into spring. The colours are beautiful and the expression of new life arriving on the trees is really exciting to see. Look forward to seeing the series developing.

  3. Thanks Joan--when will you be coming for your next session?

    As always Caroline, I love getting these encouraging words from you!